Swallows & Avocets at Cley
Artist : Barrie Morris
Media : Mixed Media
Size : 40 x 50 cm. (plus frame)

Price : £1,950.00 (inc. VAT)


An exultation of British Birds


– with apologies to Arthur Ransome

Artist Barrie Morris draws much inspiration from the flora and fauna of the British Isles. With nature to the fore, he frequently involves figures and architectural elements to give each of his paintings a sense of narrative. The colourful and lively works are highly distinctive, to the point that it’s not hard to spot a ‘Morris’. His latest Exhibition at The Red Dot Gallery involves a suite of pictures which celebrate the circling year – a collection of iconic British Birds, each within a seasonal setting.

SWALLOW (Hirundo rusti) is one of our best-known and much loved summer visitors, and has over time inspired many poets. The blue sheen of its back and wings and long forked tail are its distinguishable features.Whether skimming over water or flying with speed and grace in wide open spaces, Swallows are indeed a sight to behold.

AVOCET (Recurvirosta avosetta) is a graceful black and white wading bird and it too was a regular summer visitor – but increasingly many are now resident in southern parts. Black bands criss-cross its crown, body and wings; its slender form supported on long, lead-blue legs. But its most remarkable feature is its long, thin, up-curved bill. A glistening spectacle when spotted at a distance on ponds, estuaries and salt marshes.