Whooper Swans over West Raynham
Artist : Barrie Morris
Media : Mixed Media
Size : 48 x 68 cm (plus frame)

Price : £2,350.00 (inc. VAT)

Whooper Swans in a Norfolk dreamscape  (Cygnus Cygnus)

 Whooper Swans spend their winters in this country; arriving from Iceland in late autumn returning north again in spring. They will often feed on fields during the day, eating crops like left-over potatoes and grain before heading to roost on open water. A few pairs will nest in Scotland, but most do so in Iceland. During migration they travel in spectacular formations at very high altitudes – a pilot flying at 8,000 feet once reported seeing a flock of Whoopers pass him by. RAF West Raynham is a former Royal Air Force Station located 5 miles south west of Fakenham in Norfolk. The airfield opened in May 1939 and was used by RAF Bomber Command during WW2. The Station closed in 1994, though the MOD retained it as a strategic reserve. The Control Tower has recently been purchased and converted into a handsome domestic dwelling. In recognition, another commemorative fly-past certainly completes the picture.