Dogs at Red Dot Gallery

Several months ago, Karen Elderfield visited the gallery with a couple of her beautiful little bears. The gallery was immediately enthusiastic and keen to exhibit the works. In order to elevate the individual bear, now dogs too, it was agreed to create a visual narrative involving each in a central role. With the help of our friend Hilary, boxes, bunting, lavender filled cushions and antique trinkets have been used to almost magical effect and so each little character now comes with its own story. Prices from around £240.00.

Shown here is ‘Jolly’ the Music Master’s hound. Mr McDoodle lived for the joy of teaching music, nothing gave him more pleasure than to hear his pupils hitting the right notes or presenting perfect percussion. Jolly his faithful hound of somewhat mixed parentage would yodel along, as only dogs do, to his Masters renditions on piano, fiddle or flute.

On the occasions that a new class of pupils were neither in tune or showing their enthusiasm, Mr McDoodle would draft Jolly into the classroom. As the gathered assembly made their way through ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ so Jolly would start to join with his canine wail ‘woooooo, wooooo’, the louder and cheerier the choir sang so Jolly would respond. And so, with the help of a bit of canine cunning, Jolly became a regular teaching assistant whilst the pupils learnt to enjoy music.

Currently residing in The Red Dot Gallery in Holt, Jolly sits atop his vintage drum on a lavender filled cushion. His hat comprises sheet music and a little bell.

See ‘Jolly’ along with more of his friends at The Red Dot Gallery during April.