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THE FIRST SWALLOW OF SPRING? Spring Barrie Morris Exhibition April 9th 2020
December Exhibition November 29th, 2019


December Exhibition A dog is for Christmas November 27th, 2019
Winter Exhibition Guy Allen November 11th, 2019
Sprit of place Summer – Shane Exhibition July 12th, 2019
SEEING STARS…..Moons & Planets! – Sandi Westwood Exhibition May 9th, 2019
Christmas Invitation  November 30th, 2018


November 21st, 2018
Holt Festival Art Trail July 24th, 2018
Spring Exhibition Alan Schmidt March 2018
Lucy Boydel Exhibition July 20th 2017
Springtime Exhibition March 23rd 2017
November Exhibition – Barrie Morris October 27th 2016


THE ART OF MUSIC – paintings by Wendy Mould Winter 2016
Sept 28th
Bridget Syms Exhibition Autum 2016
July 21st
New Shop Summer 2016 M
May 21st
Christmas 2015

Love is for life, not just for christmas


December 2015
NATIONAL TRUST – A Treasure Hunt! Winter 2015
Oct 29th
Michaelmas Pageant


Autumn 2015

Sept 2nd


Blickling Event Summer 2015
Kate Leiper Print & NT Exhibition FIRST UPDATE Summer 2015


New for the Holt Festival


Sumer 2014


Dog Show Spring 2014

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