Lizzie Riches' fabulous painting
Artist : Lizzie Riches
Media : Oil on Canvas
Size : 54 x 36 in.

Price : Withheld

Status : SOLD

Lizzie Riches takes a fresh look at a wealthy lady and a historic flower show….

According to Anna Pavord’s  masterly book “The Tulip” tulip bulbs had probably come to England through Flemish refugees who ,as many of them were weavers , settled in Norfolk to work in the woollen trade. This period saw the beginnings of florist’s societies….. I suppose the precursors of the RHS…… and the first celebration of which …. a Florist’s Feast….. was held in Norwich in May 1631. An observer noted that this event was attended by “Gentlemen of birth and quality “ In my mind I am sure the Hobarts of Blickling would have heard of this fashionable gathering and purchased bulbs for their beautiful garden . Though wildly inaccurate historically, my painting depicts Lady Frances Hobart enjoying her madly expensive blooms .

Quite a lot of modern tulips have crept into the picture!