Barrie Morris

BARRIE MORRIS creates highly imaginative, dazzlingly detailed, mixed media compositions on an eclectic range of often quirky subjects.

He excelled in Art at the only green-blazered Grammar School in Leicester and qualified as a Typographer at Art College in the swinging sixties.

From here he spent an entire career as an Advertising Art Director creating ‘Art’ to sell ‘Things’.
Since the early 21st century he’s been creating ‘Art’ to sell.

His portfolio – always in demand for its caricatures, portraits and cartoons, is now enriched by unique landscapes, still lives, flora and fauna, abstracts. animals, birds and buildings, often bordering on the surreal; always exquisitely depicted.

In 2015, he became a Red Dot Artist. His maiden sell-out exhibition ‘Strangely drawn to Norfolk’ was a collection of original paintings exploring the county’s architectural and natural treasures.

The county with which he and his wife share a passionate affair has been a second home and
inspiration for them since the nineteen eighties. Now painting it is a sheer delight.
His enthusiasm for painting and appreciation of visual arts is often conducted to the soundtrack of Claud Debussy’s music, the rawness of The Pretty Things and the poetry of Sir John Betjeman. (He is really still really a rock drummer at heart).

Barrie’s unmistakeable style has led to Red Dot Gallery owner Colin Rawlings commenting that his “colourful and lively works are distinctive to the point that it’s not hard to spot a Morris!”

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