Gold Finch
Artist : Barrie Morris
Media : Mixed Media
Size : 40 x 50 cm. (plus frame)

Price : £1,950.00 (inc. VAT)

GOLDFINCH (Carduelis carduelis)                                                                        AUGUST

This tiny bird with its gorgeous plumage has such a pretty exterior, is gently natured and sings oh so sweetly. Its fairy-like song is reminiscent of Japanese wind bells and it is most handsome and dainty in its ways. Paradoxically, it feeds on thistles, weeds and insects. In addition to thistles, its full diet can include teasel seeds, knapweed, chickweed, pine seed, groundsel, ragwort, hemp, dandelions and burdock, hawthorns, and other herbaceous plants. It is most pleasant to watch one fluttering over the stems of thistles, scattering them down whilst picking out the seeds. Orchards are a favourite place to frequent – in summer they repair to gardens and shrubberies to roost in trees. Their nests, sometimes deliberately decorated with fresh forget-me-nots, are can be as high as 30 feet from the ground. Eggs are usually four or five in number, are cream and deliciously spotted. The Goldfinch is easily tamed and unfortunately has a long sad history as a most popular cage-bird, now illegal.