Lucy Boydell Limited Edition
Artist : Lucy Boydell
Size : 102 x 102 cm. & 66 x 66 cm.

Limited Edition of : 50 (1/50 - 10/50 super-sized, 11/50 - 50/50 regular size)

Price : Super-sized @ £675.00 Regular @ £375.00

As with a number of Lucy’s editions, the artist has allowed us to offer HOUGHTON LONGHORN in a choice of two sizes – we term these ‘super size’ and ‘regular size’ – the super version reflects the dimensions and scale of the original piece, the regular provides a statement work that more readily fits most homes. It must be stressed that the total edition is 50 sheets each signed and numbered with 10 offered at the larger size whilst the remaining 40 are the regular option.