Gunton Hall
Artist : Lucy Boydell
Size : 102 x 102 cm. & 69 x 69 cm. (see text)

Limited Edition of : 50 (1/50 - 10/50 super-sized, 11/50 - 50/50 regular size)

Price : Withheld

Status : SOLD

A Fine addition to the catalogue of work available as a Limited Edition Print – THE GUNTON STAG is the result of weeks, indeed months, of observation, sketch and finally the magnificent original Master Drawing in chalk & charcoal. The original was exhibited by Cricket Fine Art in March 2017 selling on the first evening of its unveiling.

Lucy has agreed to allow this very special piece to be released as a limited edition of 50 sheets each signed and numbered by the artist. The edition will include a dynamic ‘twist’ with the first ten in the edition being printed at a substantial 40 x 40 inches (102 x 102 cm) thus once framed in our gallery style some 48 x 48 inches. This ‘super size’ part of the edition will be strictly limited to 10. The remainder of the edition run 11/50 through to 50/50 will reflect the general dimensions of previous editions at 27 x 27 inches.