NationalTrustExhibition PortraitofAnneBoleyn
Media : Oil on Panel
Size : 12 x 8 inches

Price : NFS - Private Collection


Could this be Anne Boleyn’s Portrait?


Click this image to see A Michaelmas Pageant exhibition – “A celebration for Anne & George Boleyn”

A small painting hanging in a dark stairwell of an old North Norfolk house will be featured in a unique exhibition in Blickling Hall in Norfolk later this year. The enigmatic portrait of a teenage girl conveys a mysterious air as she stares from the shadowy setting. One of the most intriguing aspects is the artist’s addition of the name ANNE BULLEN along with the age of the sitter, 14 years. Painted in oil on what appears to be an oak panel, the work has sparked an idea which has led to the creation of an exhibition and hunt for a treasure to be staged at Anne’s birth place, Blickling Hall in Norfolk, during September and October 2015.

Eric Ives OBE (1931 – 2012) the British historian and expert on the Tudor period considered that Anne was released from the care of Margaret of Austria (governor of the Low Countries) in 1514. This release, at the request of her father Sir Thomas, was to allow  Anne to return to England in order to accompany Mary Tudor on her journey to France later that year.

It seems quite plausible that Anne could have travelled from a port in the Low Countries to Bishop’s Lynn (now King’s Lynn). It also seems plausible that Sir Thomas could have allowed George Boleyn to travel to Norfolk with a couple of trusted squires. Firstly to escort Anne safely back to Heaver but also to allow the squires to check that the appointed Reeve in Blickling was indeed acting in Sir Thomas’s best interests…

And so could the little portrait ‘Anne Bullen’ be a record of the return of Blickling’s most famous daughter?

An added twist, what happened to that jewelled pendant around her neck?

The portrait ‘Anne Bullen’ has been much admired since it’s placement in The Long Gallery of National Trust’s Blickling Hall. The conjecture as to authenticity continues but for certain it looks rather fine in it’s illuminated case where it will remain until the end of October. Many visitors and stewards alike seem very pleased to see the painting of what might be the young Anne in Blickling, considered the place of her birth.

This pendant has been recreated from the portrait in the studios of Alison Bradley

This pendant has been recreated from the portrait in the studios of Alison Bradley

A portrait purports to be that of Anne Bullen - Anne Boleyn inspired by such, Alison Bradley has created a necklace resembling the jewel around Anne's neck

Alison Bradley jewellery collection for National Trust Blickling Hall

The goldsmith Alison Bradley has been commissioned to create a pendant which does in fact evoke that in the portrait itself.  In addition, taking the spirit of Blickling and The Tudors, Alison has created a sparkling collection of jewellery ‘The Blickling Hoard’. The exclusive pieces range in price from £1,000.00 to £15,000.00, they can all be seen in The Long Gallery .

WIN THE PENDANT……an exhibition of paintings ‘A Michaelmas Pageant’ by Kate Leiper hangs in The Long Gallery, hidden in the work are letters; one lucky and clever visitor will win the jewel valued at £4,000.00. See the complete exhibition.

Lizzie Riches Tudor Portrait

Lizzie Riches Tudor Portrait

The Long Gallery in Blickling Hall was originally just that, a long room for gentle exercise of the body. To feed the mind, the elaborate ceiling provoked thought and discussion. Paintings would have adorned the walls. Today the room houses one on world’s most important collection of books. From time to time, space is given over to paintings once more. During September and October ’15 a collection by Kate Leiper can be seen. In 2012 works by Lizzie Riches were exhibited. Lizzie Riches also has works in our gallery here in Holt, Norfolk.

Follow our posts to find out more and sign up for more information as we progress to the opening of the exhibition on the first of September 2015.