Artist : Shane
Media : Mixed Media Collage
Size : 24 x 49 in.

Price : Withheld

Status : SOLD



Shane creates idiosyncratic images often based on the Norfolk landscape – the contemporary collage technique mixes photography, design, typography and ink work – it is then heat-pressed in sections onto a material to produce a distinct final result. The textures and collage jigsaw can only really be appreciated first hand!

The idea is to represent remembered moments – intense colours and fragmented views – at first glance, they could almost be photographic, but once the image is closely observed, the disjointed aspect of recollecting a sense of place is evident.

At times the memory is perfect and detailed; in others, the finer points are washed away with only a simple fuzz of emotion left in its place.

‘Every one-off heat press printed collage is a unique artwork. It can never be reproduced the same – every part is designed and created from especially taken photographs, layers are reduced or highlighted until only the objects I feel necessary are showing. 

Drawing, painting, and photographic retouching inks are added into the image in the exact places to develop the composition I desire. 

The final image produces – in effect – my memory of a scene; rather than a photographic representation of a scene.’

At the request of The Red Dot Gallery – selected pieces will be available as limited editions each signed and numbered by Shane.