Oil on Board - Rosalind Lyons Original Painting
Artist : Rosalind Lyons
Media : Oil on Panel
Size : 24 x 16 in.

Price : Withheld

Status : SOLD

Being But Three

This painting was long in the making, developed from sketches and ideas which emerged from my time as artist in residence at Shakespeare’s Globe. During observation of rehearsals, I became particularly interested in depicting actors/performers backstage at the theatre, and how the action and the actors would move between reality and performance or ‘illusion’. Subjects often refer to research into the original Elizabethan theatre practices – here, the two children reflect the 16th/17th century tradition of boy players. The puppet was found at the Globe – included in a production of Henry VIII – and I was fascinated by this rather uncanny life-like figure. This is its second appearance in my work – it also appears in Fool & Puppet from 2010. The masks are taken from research at the Globe’s prop store, and more generally from Commedia Dell’arte masks – they are not only beautiful aesthetically, but reinforce ideas of the theatrical conventions of concealment and disguise.

I don’t like to be constrained by specifics, and although sometimes my images depict a specific character, usually from Shakespeare’s plays, the figures in many paintings are anonymous; identity, time and place are uncertain. The narrative is ambiguous and open to individual viewer’s interpretation.

My work continues to be linked directly or indirectly with Shakespeare – most titles for paintings are phrases taken from the poetry or plays.