Boy Player at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Artist : Rosalind Lyons
Media : Oil on Panel
Size : 48 x 24 inches

Price : £12,500.00 (inc. UK VAT)

The Red Dot Gallery has been proud to stage two major exhibitions for this artist, ‘The Shadows of Shakespeare’ in the magnificent setting of The Long Gallery at Blickling Hall, Norfolk. ‘Within The Wooden O’ followed a few years later, where better than at Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s South Bank.

One of Life’s Co-incidences…One afternoon, on my way to post some letters, I passed a vintage clothing shop on Fish Hill, Holt. There in the window was a most attractive little suit of velvet and cotton suitable for a child player. Further investigation proved the garment to have originated from the wardrobes of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre….too good to miss. Some weeks later I gave the costume to Rosalind who promised to incorporate it into a future painting… realised!  (Colin Rawlings – Red Dot Gallery)

‘Little Eyas’ (from a quote by Rosencrantz in Hamlet: ‘There is, sir, an aery of children, little eyases, that cry out on the top of question, and are most tyrannically clapped for ‘t.’ – refers to child/boy actors in the boy theatre companies that were very popular in Shakespeare’s time, and rivals to his own company.)