A White Horse at The Shell Museum
Artist : Shane
Media : Mixed Media Collage
Size : 28 x 30 in.

Price : £985.00 (inc. VAT)

Sir Alfred Jodrell knew every inch of his Norfolk estate, Bayfield, which he inherited in 1882. When he took over the estate his ambition was to leave the 2000 acres and buildings in better condition than he found them. He succeeded in more ways than one – overseeing sound and attractive estate housing, restoring the then ruined Church in Glandford and creating a unique attractive SHELL MUSEUM to house his own eclectic collection of corals, conches, nautiluses and all kinds of strange marine finds.

Taking the unique Dutch gabled building in Glandford Shane has created a dreamlike narrative that can take the viewer on a journey to happy memories of a day enjoyed or imagined – certainly a trip to the magical location in Glandford would never be forgotten.